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Aloo Bengan Ki Sabji
Curried eggplant with potato

Bengan Bhartha
North Indian spiced roasted eggplant

Curried white chickpeas in gravy

Palak Chhole
Curried chickpeas with spinach

Dal Makhani
Whole lentils and kidney beans in a
spicy green masala

French Beans Alu Sabji
Green bean and potato curry

Goobi Ke Saath Alu
Cauliflower and potato curry

Mateer Paneer
Green peas in a cream sauce with
cashews, tomatoes and fried cheese

Navratan Korma
A thick vegetable curry meaning the
“nine jewels”

Palak Paneer
Traditional dish of spinach and cheese

Rasedar Aloo Matar Ke Saath
Curried peas and potatoes

Vegetable Kofta Curry
Carrot, pea and potato fritters with fenugreek leef in a tomato cream curry

Murgh Tikka Masala
Creamy grilled boneless chicken
in a velvety sauce

Murgh Vindaloo
Potatoes and boneless chicken
 cubes in spicy gravy

Gosht Vindaloo
Potatoes and boneless lamb
cubes in spicy gravy

Rogan Josh
Boneless lamb cooked with its
own juices in light gravy

Gosht Dal
Boneless lamb cooked with lentils

Dum Ka Gosht Korma
Boneless lamb marinated in yogurt

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