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Indian Cooking Classes in Milwaukee


Offered by:

Indian Groceries and Spices

10701 W. North Avenue

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226

Telephone: (414) 771-3535


Each class is approximately 2 (two) hours in length and costs $35.00 each. Dates and times are shown below:

Cooking Classes in 2018


1. Tuesday, March 19…...…….........……....6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

2. Tuesday, April 23………...........……. .....6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

 3. Tuesday, May 21……...…..........…..…....6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

4. Tuesday, June 18..…………………...… 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

 5. Tuesday, July 23………………. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

All Classes will take place in the store.

         Location-  Indian Groceries & Spices

                           10701 W North Ave

                           Milwaukee, WI 53226

Indian Vegetarian Cooking Classes


    March 19th Tuesday 2019…...Hands on Gluten Free

    Spice tea : India’s popular tea is called CHAI. It’s a very healthy and tasty drink. It’s made with milk, sugar, tea and spices. This rich pink color tea is soothing on cold days.

    Paneer : Indian cheese. We will make Indian cheese from milk. Its very easy to make. This soft and very delicious cheese can be used in a lot of different curries and sweet dishes.

    Paneer Masala :Paneer Masala is an upscale dish found only in fine restaurants. Everyone loves this dish.The golden color makes this dish alluring and the chunks of paneer cooked in creamy sauce enlivens your taste buds.You will be begging for more.

    Peas Pullao : Aromatic Basmati Rice cooked with nuts, peas and spices.It will stay in your palette forever.

    For Class :Bring one 3qt pot or bigger with cover and spoon to stir. One mixing bowl any size.

    April 23rd  Tuesday ……….Hands on

    Mango Lassi : Yogurt Mango Drink :Yogurt Mango Drink is made with Plain Yogurt, Mango pulp and sugar. When you mix all ingredient together it transforms into a rich and creamy drink. It’s perfect to serve any guest at anytime.

    Malai Kofta :Creamy Kofta Curry is most popular in the Northern parts of India. The Kofta or “dumplings” are made with Indian cheese and vegetables. It’s a smooth curry with a rich and creamy taste.

    Layered Paratha :This flaky layered Indian flatbread is a great bread to enjoy with all types of curries. It tastes wonderful with tea or coffee anytime of the day.

    Bundi Raita :Raita is a soothing side dish that is somewhere between a sauce and salad. Usually this type of Raita is crunchy and creamy. It’s great companion for mouth-burning hot dishes

    For Class :Bring one 3qt pot or bigger with cover and spoon to stir. One mixing bowl any size.

    May 21st Tuesday ……...Hands on ….....Vegan and Gluten Free    

    Tomato  Curry : Sev Tomato Subji;  Fresh Tomatoes are available all year around so you can make this tasty and easy curry any time with very little time.  Gram flour noodles are called sev and adds a nice texture and special distinct flavor.

    Dal Tadka ;  : Moong dal with Spinach Curry : Moong dal are tiny split beans without skin. It’s very easy to cook and the tastiest lentil of all. Moong dal with spinach makes a wonderful and satisfying curry. You will love it.

    Saffron Rice : Basmati Rice is aromatic and nutty by itself, but when you add saffron, it becomes a real royal dish. It’s so easy you can have it everyday.

    Mungdal salad ; This is a very popular South Indian salad . It’s made with Yellow Mungdal and carrots. It’s look good and tastes good too. It is a one of the healthiest salads I have ever eaten.

    For Class :Bring one 3qt pot or bigger with cover and spoon to stir. One mixing bowl any size.

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