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Bharti is excited to join the Zilli Hospitality Group

Bharti Sanghavi was born and raised in Bombay, India.  She began cooking for her large family at the age of 16 and thus began her love affair with cooking Indian food.  Having received her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, she honed her skills by taking regional cooking lessons to learn how to cook all types of Indian Cuisine.  A resident of Milwaukee for the past 34 years, Bharti and her husband, Dinesh, own and have managed the very popular grocery store, Indian Groceries and Spices, in Wauwatosa for the last 30 years.  Bharti has taught Indian cooking classes in Milwaukee since 1995 and has also developed her own brand of Indian products called “Bharti’s Kitchen.”  Bharti is also in the process of publishing her first Indian vegetarian cookbook that will bring together more than 200 of her favorite family recipes.

Bharti lives in Glendale with her husband Dinesh.  She has two children, Monica and Neil; a son-in-law, Prashant; and a new granddaughter, Alisha.  She is a certified yoga instructor and enjoys travel, entertaining and of course cooking!  Bharti is excited to join the Zilli Hospitality Group and is thrilled to bring Indian cuisine to the community.
Tell me how you and ZHG connected and came to be partners.

I have been teaching Indian cooking classes in Milwaukee for the last 15 years and one of my students asked if I would be interested in teaching the chefs at Zilli how to cook Indian food. I was excited to teach at this level and agreed.  One year later, they mastered the basics and even the more advanced techniques.  With the Chefs trained and the overwhelming demand of Indian style catering from the community, Mr. Zilli invited me to join ZHG.  I am so excited and honored to be a part of this wonderful company and feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.

Tell me about what you offer.
India Gourmet Catering offers all types of Indian Cuisine Catering: South Indian, North Indian, West  Indian – you name it.  We are careful that all items served are of the highest quality and taste great.  We take pride in our homestyle recipes and they are sure to please everyone.

What can clients expect to experience from India Gourmet Catering?
Other than the Indian staples, India Gourmet Catering offers fusion dishes as well as new and creative dishes.  India Gourmet Catering not only takes care of the food, we also set the ambiance for the dining experience.

Do you have any personal favorite dishes that you’ll be offering?
My personal favorites are creative fusion dishes.  I love Mexican Bhel, Chinese Manchurian as well as Chili Paneer and Pani Puri.  I am constantly trying new recipes and ingredients – I am eager to share these with the community.

What makes India Gourmet Catering different than other Indian caterers?
India Gourmet Catering is completely different from any other Indian caterer because we will offer the complete package—food and decorations for your event – corporate, wedding, baby shower, etc. We will work with you to be sure that the food is delicious and that the room will be decorated to your taste and style.

Food is the way I show love.  Whether for my children, guests, relatives or students, I take great care and pride to make each meal deep in flavor and personal.  My goal is that this philosophy will show itself through India Gourmet Catering.  Each dish will be fresh, lovingly prepared and delectable.

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