Bharti Sanghavi  •  India Gourmet Catering

Milwaukee’s Newest Indian Cuisine Caterer
A partnership between award-winning Zilli Hospitality Group and Bharti Sanghavi

Providing authentic traditional curries and vegetarian cuisine for weddings, corporate events and more.

Contact~Paula Garvens
262-547-9447 •

India Gourmet Catering
613 N. Grandview Blvd

Food is the way I show love.  Whether for my children, guests, relatives or students, I take great care and pride to make each meal deep in flavor and personal.  My goal is that this philosophy will show itself through India Gourmet Catering.  Each dish will be fresh, lovingly prepared and delectable.

India Gourmet Catering, a division of Zilli Hospitality Group servicing all of Southeastern Wisconsin, click here for a list of locations.

Zilli Hospitality Group is proud to introduce a new partnership with Bharti Sanghavi to offer fine Indian cuisine for special events in Southeast Wisconsin. The Sanghavis have been providing authentic Indian cuisine for almost 40 years, and you can find their cuisine in area supermarkets.

India Gourmet Catering offers all types of Indian Cuisine Catering: South Indian, North Indian and West  Indian.  We are careful that all items served are of the highest quality and taste great.  We take pride in our homestyle recipes and they are sure to please everyone. Other than the Indian staples, India Gourmet Catering offers fusion dishes as well as new and creative dishes.  India Gourmet Catering not only takes care of the food, we also set the ambiance for the dining experience.

India Gourmet Catering offers the complete package—not just food and beverage but we handle all the details for a beautiful event.

Contact:  Paula Garvens  262-547-9447

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